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We Cater to Your Every Occasion. Bringing Quality Food to Your Table for 60 Years.

Whether you’re having a dinner party or just hors d’oeuvres, be sure to call our catering department for all of your holiday festivities.
Order directly from our catering brochure, or we will customize a menu to meet your specific needs.

Premium Sandwiches

Denninger's Favourites

Ham & Cheese: Black forest-Style ham, cheese with honey Dijonnaise and lettuce on a kaiser.
Oven Roasted Turkey with jalapeno mayonnaise and lettuce on a kaiser
Roast beef with creamy horseradish and lettuce on an onion bun
Smoked salmon and cream cheese with chives and sliced cuccumber

Denninger's Deli

North Tiroler ham, Brie, jalapeno spread & sliced mild peppadew pepper on a croissant
Egg Salad prepared in house, served on a soft egg bun with leaf lettuce
Tuna Salad prepared in house, served on a light rye bread with leaf lettuce
Bavarian Pretzel: German-Style salami & Honeycup mustard on freshly baked pretzel

Denninger's Vegetarian

Vegetarian: Baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, fire roasted red peppers & hummus
Italian Vegetarian: Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and pesto

Gourmet Platters

Cheese Nibbler


Havarti slices, cubed Cheddar and Swiss cheese, Mini Babybel, Brie and Blue accompanied with dried fruits and crackers.

Small Cheese Nibbler $39.99 / each
Medium Cheese Nibbler $54.99 / each
Large Cheese Nibbler $64.99 / each

Premium Cheese Board


A selection of fine imported & local specialty cheeses with assorted fruit garnish, gourmet crackers, fig jam or wine jellies.

Small Premium Cheese Board $69.99 / each
Medium Premium Cheese Board $79.99 / each
Large Premium Cheese Board $89.99 / each

Premium Deli Platter


Virginia-Style ham*, roast beef*, smoked turkey breast*, air dried salami*, pastrami and Prosciutto di Parma accompanied by artisanal breads, fine mustards, chutneys and horseradish.

Small Premium Deli Platter $59.99 / each
Medium Premium Deli Platter $74.00 / each
Large Premium Deli Platter $89.99 / each

† Small 8-10; Medium 15-20; Large 20-25

Denninger's Charcuterie Board


Customize your own platter with a selection of Denninger’s smoked, dried and cured meats, pâtés, salamis and gourmet cheeses served with artisanal breads and gourmet condiments.

Price upon request.

Schnitzel Platter - Perfect for the Big Game


Fine selection of finger food size Denninger’s Schnitzels* (pork and chicken), Denninger’s Classic Burgers* & Kabanossi* accompanied by cubed aged Cheddars, sweet chili sauce and mustard.

Medium Schnitzel Platter $69.99 / each

Antipasto Platter


Shaved Prosciutto di Parma, salami* and Virginia-Style ham*, roasted red peppers, artichokes, gourmet olives, bocconcini cheese, white asparagus & fava beans in tomato sauce.

Medium Antipasto Platter $69.99 / each

Smoked Salmon Platter


Smoked salmon accompanied by cream cheese, capers, red onions and artisanal breads with a side of balsamic glaze. Garnished with fresh lemon.

Medium Smoked Salmon Platter $69.99 / each

Premium Crudité Platter


A seasonal selection of fresh vegetables with a choice of dips or hummus.

Small Premium Crudité Platter $34.99 / each
Medium Premium Crudité Platter $49.99 / each
Large Premium Crudité Platter $64.99 / each

*Made in Denninger’s own facility for 60 years.

† Small 8-10; Medium 15-20; Large 20-25

Hors D’oeuvres


Prosciutto di Parma & Sartori BellaVitano Merlot Cheese with fig spread
Pepper crusted roast beef* with creamy horseradish and caramelized red onions
Virginia-Style ham* with Swiss Emmentaler and fruit chutney
Roasted turkey breast with cream cheese and ligonberry preserves
Shaved Salami* and Honeycup mustard with cornichons


French Brie and caramelized red onions
Peppadew pepper with goat cheese and olive tapenade


Smoked salmon with cream cheese, red onion and capers
Shrimp, cucumber round, lemon herb aioli with fresh dill

† Small 8-10 people (36pcs); Medium 15-20 people (60pcs)

* Made in Denninger’s own facility for 60 years.

Gourmet Salads

Classic Garden Salad


A combination of mixed greens, tomato wedges, diced cucumbers, red onions, julienne carrots and sliced peppers, accompanied by one of our finest gourmet dressings.

Small Classic Garden Salad $24.99 / each
Medium Classic Garden Salad $39.99 / each
Large Classic Garden Salad $54.99 / each

† Small 8-10; Medium 15-20; Large 20-25

Caesar Salad


A combination of romaine lettuce, crispy bacon bits*, croutons with a creamy Caesar dressing.

Small Caesar Salad $29.99 / each
Medium Caesar Salad $49.99 / each
Large Caesar Salad $69.99 / each

† Small 8-10; Medium 15-20; Large 20-25

Classic Deli Salads†

German-style potato salad $2.99 / each
Creamy potato $2.49 / each
Coleslaw with light or creamy vinaigrette $2.49 / each
Sundried tomato pasta salad $3.79 / each

† Ask about our weekly selection of Gourmet Salads.

Premium Deli Salad

Greek-style pasta salad $3.79 / each
Greek-style quinoa salad $3.79 / each
7 bean salad $2.49 / each
Chickpea salad $3.79 / each

Gourmet Soups

Served in 12 oz. portions


Chicken Wild Rice $4.25 / each
Dumpling $4.25 / each
Italian Wedding $4.25 / each


Spring Vegetable $4.25 / each
Butternut Squash $4.95 / each
Pear and Parsnip $4.95 / each


Carrot Ginger $4.25 / each
Cream of Mushroom $4.25 / each


Potato Leek $4.25 / each
Lobster $4.95 / each


Mulligatawny $4.95 / each
Goulash $4.95 / each
Beef Barley Stew $4.95 / each

Ordering Information

  • Customized menus available upon request
  • 48hr notice is required for all orders
  • A credit card is required for order confirmation
  • 24hr notice is required to cancel orders or a 50% charge will be applied
  • Menu prices are subject to change
  • Delivery available at a nominal charge
  • Prices do not include tax
  • Paper goods and utensils are available
  • Staff available for catered events

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