Balderson Specialty Cheddars

Cheddar_Beauty_241408933Balderson Specialty Cheddars

Cut from the block Marble, Medium White or Coloured


Marble Cheddar

Age: 6 months.
Flavour: Similar to medium. Smooth flavour with a slight firmer texture. Mixture of white and coloured cheese curds give it a marbled appearance.
Usage: Sandwich slices. Decorative as cubes, triangles or fingers on cheese trays.

Old Cheddar

Age: Minimum of 12 months.
Taste: Similar to medium with slightly elevated salty taste and the beginning notes of sharpness . Firm texture.
Usage: Available in both white and coloured varieties. Very versatile for snacks, recipes and entertaining. Ideal for shredding, slicing, cubing, melting, grating and cheese trays. Best age range to complement most wines and beers/lagers.

Medium Cheddar

Aged: 6 months.
Taste: Similar to Mild but slightly firmer in texture and slightly stronger in cheddar taste.
Usage: Ideal for snacking, lighter foods like omelets, sandwiches and nachos. Excellent with pears, apples and goes well with beer or ales and sparkling wines.

Mild Cheddar

Aged: 3 months.
Taste: Milky flavor with slight nutty note, clean fresh aroma, soft to semi soft texture with a tight, closed texture (no cracks, slits or pinholes.).
Usage: Ideal for everyday uses, snacking & sandwiches. Pairs well with ciders, light beer and white wines.