Summertime Picnic Tray


A picnic themed basket – perfect gift for to enjoy the summer season.

A checkered red and white malimine tray – filled with the following picnic goodies.

Denninger’s Salami, Denninger’s Liverwurst, Castello Brie Cheese, Carr’s Crackers, Sabine Baguette Crisps, Neal’s Tortilla Chips, Renfro’s Craft Beer Salsa, Cape Cod Chips, Boehil Pretzels, Denninger’s Dijon Mustard, Hela Curry Ketchup, Strubs Relish, Beano’s Horseradish, Kraut Bag,  Spreewald Pickles, Sardo Party Olives, Spreewald Apple Sauce, Heinz Beans (from England), Denninger’s Steak Spice, 2 pc Sliding Skewers, Fun Summer Toothpicks, and finish off the picnic with a Singer’s Ceasar Drink (Canada’s favourite Cocktail).




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Please notify the recipient in advance of delivery or authorize us to leave the basket with a neighbour if the recipient is not home.  A delivery notes section is provided during checkout.

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Weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 36 × 32 cm