Taste of Switzerland


Fondue_B_484573471Fondue is one of the most communal culinary experiences in Switzerland. The Swiss love their cheese, and local villagers found that if they heated cheese with wine, garlic and herbs they could dip their stale bread in, and it would soften. This way of cooking together over one pot and eating by
a warm cozy re became a Swiss winter tradition. Fondue variations include dipping meat in oil (from France) or broth (from China). Dessert or chocolate fondue originated in the U.S. and is eaten with pieces of fruits.

Check out this delicious recipe for a homemade
Three Cheese Fondue

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Fromalp FondueFromalp_Fondue-1

Fromalp Fondue is made with Gruyère and Emmental cheese and is prepared following a traditional Swiss fondue recipe.
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Appenzeller Classic CheeseAppenzeller_Wheel-1

A semi-soft cheese made from raw cow’s milk, and matured for 3 months in brine with herbs. The taste is sweet and aromatic.

All Natural Beef Top SirloinMeat_Sirloin_Fondue_491541592

Cut from AAA Canadian beef

Lindt Chocolate Gold BarsChocolateFondue_54081403_sm

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