Thanksgiving Maple Ham

Denn_2015_Maple_Blackforest_Ham_SmAt Denninger’s, we have a long tradition of producing the best in specialty hams using a unique family recipe. Each ham is hand-selected from 100% Ontario pork, and slowly smoked over aromatic wood chips in our manufacturing facility.

This year for Thanksgiving serve a delicious
Maple Blackforest Style Ham

Denn_2013_HamWe offer a wide selection of hams, perfect for your holiday entertaining, including:

  • Bone in Ham

    • The rind is left on this whole, bone-in ham to baste it so it stays nice and juicy while cooking.  The bone gives additional flavour to the ham.
  • Blackforest Ham

    • A slightly smokier and leaner ham than the Virginia-style Ham because the fat is removed before being put into the net.
  • Signature Apricot Glazed Virginia Ham

    • These boneless hams are mild tasting and moist.  The whole de-boned ham is carefully placed into a net, which gives it a nice oval shape. The fat bastes the ham during cooking, keeping it tender and juicy. The sweetness of glaze of this ham compliments the ham in both flavouring and colour.

Honey Glazed HamSee some tips and techniques including a video of preparing and cooking a perfect holiday ham.

Also check out the complete recipe for a delicious Honey-Glazed Ham.