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For more than 60 years, quality has been the founding criteria of our company.

The Denninger family, now in its third generation, promises to continue the ideals of our founders in offering the very best in specialty food items. Quality remains our focus today and we look forward to serving our customers for another 60 years. Continue…

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We produce over 200 specialty cold-cuts, sausages and smoked meats, and well over 100 additional prepared fine foods.

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Holiday Soups

December 8, 2016

We prepare all our soups in small batches, using fresh ingredients Carrot Ginger A medley of…

Holiday Hors D’oeuvres

December 8, 2016

Check out our great selection of Holiday Hors D'oeuvres, the perfect for holiday entertaining! Denninger's…

Holiday Entertaining Boards

December 8, 2016

Denninger’s offers the best selection of locally made, dry cured and smoked meats, pâtés and…

Holiday Charcuteire Boards

December 8, 2016

Entertaining does not have to be stressful. Charcuterie boards are the perfect solution, they are…

  • Specials for December 07 - December 13, 2016
  • Veal Shank for Osso Buco $6.99 lb
  • Pork Tenderloin $4.99 lb
  • From our Deli $7.99 lb
  • Kielbassa $1.09 ¹ººᶢ
  • Parma Prosciutto $3.99 ¹ººᶢ
  • Bottom Blade Pot Roast $5.40 lb
  • Top Blade Pot Roast $5.40 lb
  • From our Freezer $1.69 ¹ººᶢ
  • All Beef Meatballs $9.99 ea
  • Denninger's Meatball Sauce $3.99 ea
  • ... and more
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